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Depot Adapts to Varied Needs of Business
Ogden facility provides maximum flexibility to companies

Business Depot Ogden
Business Depot Ogden in Ogden, Utah, has more than 6-million-square feet of space, 87 percent of which is currently occupied.

t's hard to imagine a military facility being of much use to anyone other than, well, the military.
   This, of course, makes Business Depot Ogden in Ogden, Utah all the more of an anomaly. It is a military facility that back in 1997 was turned into one of the state's most successful business centers.
   Today, there are more than 60 companies located in the 6.5 million square foot business depot, companies with both local and international connections.
   There are, as one business owner explained, "too many benefits to being here."
   "Not the least of those benefits is flexibility," stated Steve Waldrip, project manager for BDO.
   "There is really very little we can't do when it comes to meeting the requirements of a particular company. We have tremendous flexibility. You can make a lot of things work when you've got 6-million-plus-square feet of space and 500 acres of raw ground to work with," he said.
   The depot was originally a military
Business Depot Ogden
Boyer Co. has gone to great lengths to make BDO one of the most aesthetically pleasing industrial parks in the state.
distribution facility, until ownership was transferred from the federal government to Ogden City. Through a strategic partnership between the city and The Boyer Company, Business Depot Ogden was created.
   The Boyer Company has, as manager and developer at BDO, met and answered the challenges presented over the years by new tenants.
   Lofthouse Foods presented one of the greatest challenges. In 2004, Lofthouse consolidated multiple operations from two states into one central location at BDO.
   It took a $15 million dollar investment by The Boyer Company to connect an existing 267,000-square-foot structure with a new 120,000-square-foot freezer building. Now Lofthouse Foods has a customized facility, yet maintains the freedom to expand.
   Business Depot Ogden is nearing $100 million in new investment into the 1,118 acre facility.

   "We have invested $45 million just in infrastructure - water, power, sewer, streets, telecom infrastructure and parking areas," said Waldrip. "Additionally, we've invested another $50 million in constructing over 1.4 million square feet of new buildings. We are committed to the success of this project."
   Scott USA recently announced a relocation to BDO. Scott will occupy 280,000 square feet in a new building that will serve as production, showroom and distribution facilities for its ski equipment, bicycles and motocross offerings in North America.
   Dave Stevens, Chief Financial Officer for Scott USA, said, "this new facility gives us room for growth initially, and BDO really gives a long term option for growth."
   It is Business Depot Ogden's ingenuity that has in large part contributed to its success. With tenants' needs as a top priority, BDO has successfully offered a variety of strategic options for businesses.
   For more information about opportunities at Business Depot Ogden, contact Steve Waldrip at (801) 399-9885 or on the web at

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