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Message from Governor Bob Riley

State of Alabama
Message from Governor Bob Riley

   There can be no doubt that 2005 will long be remembered for the unprecedented devastation caused during this hurricane season. Alabama and other states along our beautiful Gulf Coast took a pounding, but already the level of recovery and rebuilding has been remarkable.
   Alabama suffered through three major hurricanes in an 11-month period. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed the level of destruction I've witnessed during this time. But even more amazing is how quickly Alabama has bounced back.
   Even after these tremendous storms, Alabama's economy is recognized as one of the strongest in the nation today. New and existing industry announcements are occurring literally every day. Over the last three years, almost 1,200 announcements have taken place all across Alabama.
   Our great state has been ranked number one in several key economic development areas. Alabama's industrial workforce training program was ranked the best in the nation by site selection consultants. We were very proud to also claim Site Selection's 2004 Competitiveness Award for the recruitment efforts of our Alabama Development Office. In addition, Alabama leads the nation in industrial diversity, according to another survey, and for three consecutive years we've been recognized as "State of the Year" among 17 Southern states for our record of industry recruitment.
   The real credit for Alabama's economic renewal belongs to the workers and the entrepreneurs of our state. We've made government their partner. We've got a proven record of forming partnerships with our local communities and private businesses to attract quality companies. But they are the ones who deserve the honors and the praise.
   Full recovery from these hurricanes will take time, but it will succeed. Alabamians are tough and resilient, and they have a fierce pride and love for their state. They're also compassionate people who — even while caring for their own — have taken in 30,000 to 40,000 storm victims from our sister southern states.
   If you'd like to join them in caring for the victims of Katrina, I hope you'll consider making a contribution to the Alabama Governor's Emergency Relief Fund by sending a donation to the address below. If you'd like more information about the Fund, please call 877-273-5018 or visit online at www.servealabama.gov.
Send hurricane recovery contributions to:
Alabama Governor's Emergency Relief Fund
P.O. Bob 1523
Montgomery, AL 36102

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