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MARCH 2006

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We'll Always Have Paris

   The state's major metros so dominated 2005 project tallies that the highest-ranked micropolitan area in Texas was Paris, at No. 41 in the nation. Located just south of the Oklahoma border in Lamar County in northeast Texas, the city also benefits from proximity to markets in nearby Arkansas (90 minutes drive) and Louisiana.
   The five Parisian projects are nothing to sneeze at, coming from the likes of Sara Lee, We Pack, and Kimberly-Clark Corp. Sara Lee's growth builds on its 2001 decision to invest $5 million in Paris to produce crustless bread. The diversified Paris plant was built in 1974, and got the nod for that 2002 expansion in part because it had a line opening up after transferring sweet roll production to Ft. Payne, Ala.
   After some delays, computer equipment refurbisher and dealer C-Tech is moving forward on its 30,000-sq.-ft. (2,787-sq.-m.) asset management warehouse in the Paris Industrial Park.
   Kimberly-Clark is investing $10 million in an expansion of its diaper plant, constructed in 1985. Paris was one of several fortunate communities to be the recipients of increased plant activity in the wake of the company's restructuring, in part because of the company's continuing strong showing in the baby and childcare segments. In October 2005, the company's request for a 10-year tax break on the expansion was considered and approved by the Paris City Council.

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